Protestor Anonymous

Chloe Snoeks

Keywords: Protest, Tactics, Surveillance

Internship: Oltmans van Niekerk
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Why are you carrying a tracking device?

As a Dutch-Hong Kong Chinese researcher and heavily involved in climate protests, my strategy is to investigate and highlight the elements that interrupt the progression of successful protest movements. How is protest in the Netherlands surveyed and controlled, considering the nature of climate protests?

Protestor Anonymous investigates the gap between the anonymous body and personal data. The weaponisation of surveillance through public tracking technologies is examined and highlighted. Mapping and GPS is constantly bound to military interest and invisible digital infrastructures, constructing the inability to escape the city – especially in the context of the individual protestor.

The documentation of protest has been conducted stealthily, constantly, and accepted under one mobile device. With the support of my thesis, ‘symbols’ of Dutch protests were extracted: hyper-managed locations, navigational systems, data, and surveillance infrastructures. I reference my personal experiences and use my physical body to generate material (going to protests, logging experiences via audiovisual content, reviewing the digital tracking of my body).

The high spatial and temporal resolution of location data is put on display.

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The development of a year-long research is documented in an assemblage of archival methodologies through a technological lens. Six video chapters are displayed i.e., digital protest signs, each representing a different topic: (1) Neoliberalism and Urbanism, (2) Targeting, (3) Interest, (4) Mapping Technologies, (5) Infrastructure, and (6) Resistance.