Shine on you crazy dad

Benedikte Bergh Iversen

Keywords: Family archive, Memories, Documentary photography

‘Shine on you crazy dad’ is about my father and his struggles, but it’s also about being the daughter of an inmate. I started photographing my father in 2016, and through photography I observe my father and get to know and understand him in a different way.

My father has experienced loss in terms of family members, work and love throughout his life. This again led to depression and alcoholism. In 2012 he served some time in prison, and was sentenced again in 2019. 

Throughout all of this, my father has always been a proud, supportive and protective father for both my sister and me. 

For the video I have taken a peak into my fathers Spotify playlists, asked myself and family members what songs/artists they relate to my father. These combinations lead to the soundtrack of the video piece and Spotify playlist.