APRICATE. [ˈæprɪˌkeɪt]. verb.

1. (intransitive) to sunbathe or bask in the sun

2. (transitive) to expose to sunlight

APRICATE is a love letter to saturn. in astrology, saturn stands as the stone warden of frontiers, burden and duty, and pledge and promises. it is the idiom of the labor of existence: that which alienates, reincarnates, gives embodiment, substance, and grounding reality. it’s a father and an educator, it provides structure and is daunted by the nameless. it taught me through torment and strain, shattered my glistening gem of rage and elation to dull shards so that i would perceive my neighbor’s crystal to shine brighter and notice when it dims. and i would lend a hand. and i would do it wrong. i would try, over and over again. With this book of fiction and images, i aim to reach out and mend the other by means of curing my own ailing heart.

to all the people I could not save

and for all that I’m learning to love.