Transcendence • trance ’n dance

I am a tECkhnO feminist artivist, dancer, performer, researcher, writer, raver, and technician of Latin American origin who creates interactive works that address the oppression of the body-mind-spirit. Using an interdisciplinary/intermedia approach, diverse elements converge in my work: from the body to its relation with surroundings, matter, and entities, to poetic forms of movement, language, sexuality, and spirituality—all enhanced within the chamaleonic capabilities of technology, who is both medium and subject of criticism.

tECkhnO references techno, without diminishing eco. The (mis)spelling introduces the idea of political activism, non-conformism, DISORDER. The k is inspired by the Spanish squatting movement OKUPA, as well as by MAGICK referring to the occult, differentiating itself from performance magic.


Graduation Project

transcendence • trance ’n dance is a generative, performative piece, which explores the power of dance as a tool of bodily reappropriation and radical self-expression, focusing on the liberation journey of the Self from the physical and psychological confinement imposed by the politics of a colonialist, patriarchal, and capitalist society.

A narrational electronic-poetic piece plays in space. I listen; I respond—through dance. Since I am remotely connected to a set of automated drums via a vaginal muscle reader, which reacts to the movements of my hips, the outcome is a sonic clash between the drums (primal, ancestral) and the electropoetry (digital, intellectual). I battle to balance the forces, reclaiming my body as subject to stop it from being object, transcending from oppression to liberation.

This project is part of the sWitches trilogy, a cyberfeminist tECkhnO magick collective formed by Ines DeRu, pamela varela, and Ella Hebendanz.


Technology: Marlot Meyer, Adriaan Wormgoor, Maarten Keus

Electropoetry: Montserrat Balmori, Victoria Martínez, Anna Arov

Percussion: Bob Verhoeven, Lucien Nicou

Thesis: Sofía Irene, Taide Martínez, Anna Arov

Metalwork: Dennis Slootweg

Dance: Fazle Shairmahomed

Costume: Jill Wilkinson, Ines DeRu

Mask: Davide Amato



This thesis acts as an explanatory device for my graduation project.

Excerpt from the introduction:

"In an attempt to understand my past, to speak my present, and to shape my future, I write these words. And in an attempt to connect and commune, I pass them on. I believe in collective and ancestral trauma. I know my body carries information from past lives, from those before me and their struggles. I have felt my body block in ways that have no connection with my thoughts (mind) or my true desires (spirit). Especially sexually, there is something that does not feel quite right.

I am the granddaughter of generations of rape; now I know my body knows.

This thesis these words and this piece this work are the commencement of a lifework, a journey of discovery of how a very damaged past attempts to create a very pleasurable future. We all embody time; we are time’s messengers. We are continuously part of the regenerative cycle of matter and nonmatter that connects us to one another. Glancing at a destiny that seems grim—from climate change to pandemics to white supremacy—it is hard to envision hope. But I believe feminism has the capacity to forge that path. "



corporikaˣ /// on the body, marginalization, and patriarchy

latinikaˣ /// on Latin American feminisms and the streets

electrikaˣ /// on gender, technology, and the cyberspace

transnaturikaˣ /// on “nature” and “the family”


rebelikaˣ /// on reappropriating

dancistikaˣ /// on dance as pleasure

poetikaˣ /// on language as change

esoterikaˣ /// on esotericism as activism