From odds and ends

Built from odds and ends, this project explores the relationship between useful labour and futile creativity. Or maybe the other way around.

Drawing from revolutionary thoughts and values from the Paris Commune, this installation questions the relation between work, arts, and crafts. It aims to create a space that supports the materialization of collective agency through a temporary practice of laziness, in opposition to individual ambition and injunctions to productivity.

Following in the footsteps of exiled Communards, you are invited to meander along the sunny shores of Lake Geneva, through 150 years of workers' daily lives, solidarity gatherings, communal imaginary, and ineffective artworks.

Much Lower Than Slightly Under The Top


This thesis aims at being a journey that follows the friction line between coercion and playfulness, limitation and creativity, obedience and agency. Along the way, I attempt to provide alternative modes of self-(re)creation, in opposition to the unfortunately common one rooted in individualism and capitalistic modes of production. Whilst drawing on literature from various backgrounds, my goal is to provide a working tool enabling anyone to use it as a departure point to their own journey.