Neva Zidić

Keywords: Typemedia, Typeface, Zalfia,

Neva Zidić is a graphic and type designer from Zagreb, Croatia. Before moving to the Hague to take part in TypeMedia course, she got her Master's Degree in Visual communication at School of Design in Zagreb. In her work she mostly focuses on lettering and type design, often using them to communicate about cultural and personal themes.


Zalfia is a typeface family that comes from writing with the flat brush, by manipulating it and experimenting with it. It has five styles: two different displays with cursive construction elements and three text styles. The project aims to explore and visualize contrasting personalities, implement their characteristics into letterforms and search for a way to combine them.

At the same time, Zalfia investigates the relationship between the outside and the inside, finding balance within a letter and within a group of them while still keeping each one unique, especially in display styles. Zalfia offers a group of versatile styles that work well together, but can also be used in different environments and applications.