Live, Laugh, Love

Lena Kuzmich (1998, Vienna) is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on the photographic image and video. In their work they imagine alternative visions of society; creating a fluid remix from fragments of pop- and subcultures. Their work is an exploration beyond taboos and an act of liberation form the preconceived and stigmatized notions of society about gender and sex: explored through imaginative landscapes and hybrid representations of bodies. Through their practice they investigate technology as a portal to a world in which gender and sex are not a set of rules in a power dynamic, but get dissolved as free form of expression.


Live Laugh Love is a coming-of-age story about the desire to become and belong. Five self-portraits performing gender constructs aim to understand the visual collective imagery connected to the process of identity construction. This is done through engaging mainstream culture and generic stock footage in a dialogue with elements from subculture.

The past years have been a struggle to find my place within the framework of womanhood. Growing up as and being raised a girl caused a conflict within myself that led me to closely investigate concepts of femininity and masculinity. Embracing the human beyond sex and gender saw me identify as non-binary, which necessitated in very personal terms the rewriting of pre-made narratives, and the claiming of my body.

However, in the midst of this journey of becoming, I also look back towards my origins: a normative, middle-class, Austrian family. How could I ever fully become if my place of childhood does not seem to sanction my destination? This marks a point at which a journey of becoming also becomes one of alienation.

Live Laugh Love is a personal reflection on the endless search for self and the fears and doubts this process implicates.



This bachelor thesis is a hypothetical exploration of the possibilities of advanced technologies to reshuffle powerstructures and redefine reality. It specifically looks at how the human body and advanced biological life in its construing categories of sex and gender could get reconceived and possibly fully abolished. The research conducted based on multidisciplinary hopping investigates several possibilities of what life could become under technology ́s influence and examines a future with diverse expressions of life that does not operate within the framework of the gender binary or the human species but expands towards hybrid lifeforms.