Hannah Mulqueen is an Interaction and Atmosphere designer, hailing from Ireland. In her work she likes to explore and challenge power dynamics and societal constructs.

Graduation Project

V, standing for virtual, voltage + vagina, gleams a hint at what the viewers are to expect in this immersive sensorial installation. Submerged into a surreal television show that they are to define its legitimacy, the participants can question the role of truth and representation in this media saturated landscape - navigating the space the way they see fit. For it is ultimately up to them what occurs here.

What do we expect from media? We tend to like it beautiful, basic, irrelevant in its relevance. This space is about the atmosphere of hypernormalised otherness that stems from the invisible structures and binary constructs that are still so overtly present in media culture. By looking into these topics, can we find a way to traverse the preconceived notions of what we can expect, towards what we should aim to expect?

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Investigating the murky past of technology and weaving, coupled with the languages used by both disciplines, we can see a history of exclusion and otherness. Looking into binary code from weaving to comuting and then into a social context, how has this affected society at large and what are the future implications?

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