The Gullible Universe

Guglielmo Bozzoli Parasacchi is driven by Pataphysics, the 'science of imaginary solutions'.

His goal is to convey a smile and an escape from traditional dogmas to people who accidentally come across his work, and transport them into the absurdity of things.

His greatest strength is to be lazy and to procrastinate as much as possible. He manages to find himself in an area of infinite stress where he has to do everything at the last minute and in a hurry. He believes that finding the solutions for survival gives him the best insights and is fundamental in his artistic process. Boredom is his favourite room to enclose himself in, reflecting and finding ideas or concepts to apply to his projects.

Every day, at least twice, he thinks of a juicy Italian mozzarella, which creates a strong nostalgic sense. It brings him back to being a young little human being; naive, ready to play with everything and everyone, and to continue to get to know the world around him.


If you believe that we now are experiencing the best cooking show in the world, and are enjoying the spectacle of global warming? With the planet drying out while millions of trees burn producing a smoky scent. Creating a pleasantly hot atmosphere and an impressive sunset to post on Instagram.

If you believe that the new messiah that western society has been waiting for long, after the famous revolutionary and good boy from Bethlehem, is the billionaire Elon Musk.

If you believe that Jeff Bezos wants to hibernate in an icicle and then ship himself off in a super-fast package which is transported by winged deliverers to conquer the sun.

If you believe that one day we could talk to mutant plants. Or that one day, we will create chickens with golden eggs that will be full of all the nutrients a human being needs.

If you believe in all this, why not believe in The Gullible Universe?

The Gullible Universe is a modern tragicomic based on science fiction and satire, about an imaginary place not too far from our reality. It is a playground of hidden analogies and criticisms, and a place where absurdity reigns – sometimes, it may remind us of our contemporary society.

The Gullible Universe illustrates the importance of storytelling as a design tool. In combination with humour, used as another means of artistic creation to approach themes, that are not necessarily simple and often ignored.

The Gullible Universe is a collection of playful and interactive installations, an attraction park within the larger show.