an inner-act

A resonance is a sensitivity to the movement of the entities and energies that build up our body. An inner-act attempts to reveal these intimate lifeforms. Bringing the inner to the outer, tapping into resonance.

A composition of fragmented patterns translated from an anatomic human body. Materials that within their tissues hold protein fibres dissected from vegetables. An analogy that communicates the transformative potential of humans for the soil.

Death is profound and momentous, and beyond our understanding. As the soil takes care of us through the foods and fibres it provides, a resonance vibrates us to give back to the earth. A way in which our human bodies and their lifeforms are a part of a larger energetic exchange.

An inner-act is a resonance that seeks to find an essence of culture within nature by bringing equal position to non-human lifeforms that together make up an ecosystem in which we inner-act.

Images by Scott van Kampen Wieling



How do I connect? Not only to others, but also to the world around me. This is a text on how I move and I would like to invite you into this way of moving. A way of being in the world through an embodiment of my experiences in an openness and responsiveness. A way where my inner and outer dimension meet through a reclaim of my body as an intelligence on itself; from body to mind, muscle to thought.

"An openness to understanding the happenings and mattering of the world and the universe in a different way, as foundationally [inner]-connected."

The theoretical quantum physicist, Karen Barad, speaks about the haptic term “intra-action” used to replace interaction. Interaction brings the pre-establishment of bodies, whereas in intra-action this is not inherent and is seen as a dynamic interplay of forces. As 'intra-' can be defined as within or inside. I would even suggest to replace intra- by inner- as it seems to be more relatable to explore the inner dimension of my body. Inner-action is an exchange from subject to subject, body to body, bringing the inner to the outer. A meaning that emerges from an inner-active encounter between entities, based on a bodily-felt affect. An act wherein I sense that resonance could occur and it seems to feed off of my intuition. It is then as if meaning is not created by me but through me — through a conscious embodiment.