Now and Then

Berglind Jóhannsdóttir

Internship: Somalgors74,

NOW AND THEN2 manipulates time by looking at the past and the future as parallel lines, lines of THENs, growing from NOW. This way a sense of past humanity is reflected onto a heating future, lending it an ethos to better imagine what is at stake and when.

Climate action is an action of respecting and loving the life and humanity on the Earth now and in the Future. It is now, in this critical decade, our responsibility to practice radical love!

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Green explores the role and accountability of graphic designers when it comes to for addressing, visually and conceptually, the nuances of the ecological crisis. Visual culture has neglected the issue for a long time, which has resulted in a lethal lack of public attention and discourse. Neglect in a form of literal neglect, not touching the issue, as well as neglect in the form of repetition, in allowing it to become a static visual of green nature, femininity and non-human-culture.

Since 2018 when Greta Thunberg and her protest sign, black on white “SKOLSTREJK FÖR KLIMATET”, started gaining momentum, the climate crisis has become a hot topic. Since then practices and projects related to the issue have popped up all over the field of graphic design. A new generation has managed to get out of the rut.... Hopeful devotion. What does this hopeful devotion involve? And how should it be continued? How can I start an argument about it in order to shape it? What should I be aware of when dealing with this issue as an environmentally responsible graphic designer, moving forward?

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