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Graduation Catalogue ‘23

The KABK Graduation Catalogue 2023 showcases work of PhDArts, bachelor and master students graduated at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).

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Master Interior Architecture

Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE) is a two-year master's programme for designers of spatial change who start each assignment with a broad exploration of the context. Central to our education is the notion that the intrinsic expertise of the interior architect lies in the relationship that people, as users, have with their immediate living environment.
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In this relationship, a number of values, such as sustainability and the concept of inclusiveness, have become more prominent. These values have a direct relationship with the urgent social and cultural tasks in the built environment. As a result, we see that the role of the interior architect is slowly growing out of the physical interior and is becoming relevant in the most diverse places where people come together, and communities arise. Whether those places are actually interior or even purely physical is much less important than the way the designers position themselves within these places as curators of spatial change. 

This year, our nine second year INSIDE students would like to cordially invite you to their graduation exhibition 'becoming space' in the INSIDE studio at the Royal Academy of Art (Bleijenburg entrance). 

Nine (auto)-ethnographical explorations becoming space:

The foundation of preserving and sharing culture.

The way to consciously explore discomfort.

The journey of retracing and reimagining memories.

The search of connecting with the everyday.

The act of embracing process and growth.

The desire to transform perspectives.

The action of freely interpreting existing conditions.

The culture of nurturing equal coexistence.

The invitation to experience knowledge.

Nine INSIDERS with nine journeys, discovering and developing their own individual positions, yet finding common ground within.

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