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The KABK Graduation Archive showcases final projects of bachelor and master students who have completed their studies at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. For Graduation Calogues dated before 2020, you can find printed versions at the KABK Library and some in PDF format below.

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The Textile & Fashion department has a unique and distinctive profile, offering two disciplines simultaneously within one and the same department creates a unique profile in design education. By embracing their interdependence and possibilities in overlap this provides opportunities for the development of versatile transdisciplinary practices.  

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Our graduates have been educated to recognize and develop their own authentic talent and personal vision on Textile and Fashion design. Their in-depth research and practical skills developed over the past years have prepared them to become relevant in the field of Textile and Fashion design, reflecting and shaping the spirit of time. 

Combining artistic with theoretical research, students are encouraged to develop a very personal and critical point of view when designing solutions for rapidly evolving realities that are becoming more and more aware of their contemporary socio-political, economic and cultural responsibilities, resulting in highly authentic and tactile projects and collections rich of experimental materials and shape. 

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