Vespertine is a deep dive into the rites of passage, those anthropological milestones that signify our evolution from one phase of existence to another. A return to an island where my story began thrust me into a surreal, almost dystopian solitude. In this isolation, I veered away from the familiar, venturing instead into the creation of a new realm. This space, a photographic sanctuary, mirrors a stage of transformation, where everything is transient, hovering in the delicate balance between what was and what is yet to come. As I navigated this liminal phase, my narrative intertwined with the ceaseless transformations of the natural world, resonating with the metamorphosis that surrounds us.

Though people inhabit my world, their presence is felt rather than seen. This journey, documented through my images, charts a path from fragmentation to wholeness, a testament to the power of embracing the solitude that has shaped me. These photographs, my notes to the universe, speak of a quest for fulfillment, a flight towards a new existential dawn. This project is a reflection on eternal change, an intimate dialogue with the cosmos, and a homage to the night sky that envelopes us. It’s an acceptance of loneliness not as absence, but as a profound companion in my transformation. Here, in the first person, I stand at the threshold of the known and the unknown, ready to embrace the eternal metamorphosis that awaits