Rachwill Breidel

Keywords: Ritual, Performance, Winti-futurism

denlee.nl, rachwillbreidel@gmail.com

In a futuristic interpretation of Winti rituals, an entity known as KOIRI emerges. Positioned at the heart of the space is a totem acting as a conduit for the entity. As the performer and the entity engage in the ritual, utilising the totem as a vessel of communication, their combined performance embodies KOIRI. The performative installation consists of a selfmade instrument that sits on the hips as a belt, these sensors transmit the movements to the computer where it is being converted to trigger and modulate sound and light.

During the performance, the performer channels the entity, allowing it to possess physical objects. At times, the entity even inhabits the performer, and together, they dance. The energy generated by their movements is transmitted to the light. The sounds heard are the audible manifestations of this energetic exchange. It’s the rhythmic power, the pulsating energy that they transmit. The light serves as a receiver for this energy, and the resulting sound is the collective experience of that energy. Essentially, they are creating rhythmic energy, which is converted into light and sound through the totem.

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