Stored energy in sync.

Loïs van Spijk

Keywords: Image, Light, Reflection

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In my day-to-day life, I constantly capture images created by light, shadow, and reflection. Inspired by these phenomena around me I worked on finding a way to get a grip on these elusive effects. By working with carefully positioning specular frames in front of images on a lightbox I found a new design method. The final synchronized composition occurs and thereby only exists through the position and perspective of the eyes of the beholder.  

I used this method to visualize the essence of my artistic research document which explores the absolute fulfillment I have experienced when ‘Sight, Sound, and Space’ unite and synchronize at ‘Rave’. Inspired by the title of an album by Jeff Mills, I embodied my own interpretation of these three words. The manifestation of three forms of energy found at ‘Rave’. When my dancing body starts to move in sync with the light as part of the designated scenography and the rigid repetitive sound of electronic music, my ‘State of Space’ becomes attainable. 

The paper handout displays an illustration of the installation’s anatomical precision which is needed for the image to occur. On the reverse side of the handout, another graphical abstraction is portrayed. Depicted by the reflection of the sixteen (4x4beat) circular positions of the lightbox a synchronized dance is illustrated. This is the result of light and rhythm working together in harmony.