Dona Georgieva

Keywords: Architecture, Systems

Internship: https://refunc.nl/

'A dot among others' is a research into my fascination with high-density apartment buildings, specifically those build between 1950 and 1990.

The project visualizes the relationship between the structural construction of high-density apartment buildings and the people living in them. It translates the rigid and uniform grid that those buildings have as a context for the disorderly patterns created from people’s interventions to these buildings.

The different expressions and fluidity of life are depicted by dots, ultimately, focusing on the individuality each dot is representing within the dense structure. I wish to show you what I see when looking at those buildings - life and beauty through the diversity despite their run-down look.

'A dot among others', KABK


I admire high-density buildings.

I admire their height and their imposing presence. To me, there is something impressive about looking up at a structure built so high and so dense.

Yet, not all buildings evoke the feeling of admiration in me.

I found out that it is not about the building per se, but rather the user’s activity.

Not everybody finds these dense apartment buildings nice, and that is fine. But my personal perception towards them is different because I perceive something more worthy than simply the structural composition of them.

I perceive people.

It is this relationship between the building and its people that I cherish and want to show you.

The "Monster Building", Hong Kong