In the softness of the belly...

Andrea Bonderup

Keywords: Reproductive rights, Abortion, Feminism

Internship: Ulla Deventer
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Every year 73 million women worldwide undergo an abortion. In 2023 I was one of them. During the experience of facing my own abortion, the women around me started sharing their stories. These women were family members, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers -women across several generation and several nationalities. I learned that I wasn’t alone with my feelings of loneliness and shame, but that they tied me to a long lineage of women who have claimed the right to autonomy over their own bodies and lives.

In this project, I delve into the interwoven care networks between women and explore their different perspectives on reproductive rights. This research is carried out though meetings and conversations among a group of women who all have a significant role in my life.

We all had our beginning.

A beginning where a fertilized egg attached itself in the womb.

The womb, at the center of the body of a woman.

A woman equally entitled to autonomy and freedom,

Freedom of choice.

Choice of what she does and doesn’t want to do with her body.

Her body, her reproductive rights.

Her reproductive rights, basic human rights.

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"The underlying root structures reveals themsleves on a path walked by many"

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