Bits to Pieces

What if digital files were made to degrade? <i>Bits to Pieces</i> is a speculative project that presents a system in which physical decay factors influence digital objects. By monitoring humidity, air quality, and light levels, the installation creates unpredictable deterioration processes, questioning the idea of digital permanence and highlighting the consequences of excessive digital consumption.

In my research, I explored different perspectives and approaches to understanding decay. I realised that true impermanence depends on authentic interactions with the physical world. Without this, digital decay would be predetermined and controlled. Through this installation, I aim to establish a direct connection with natural factors, initiating but not entirely controlling them, to transcend artificial environments.

Digital files are inherently permanent and do not naturally degrade. Data storage facilities already have a larger carbon footprint than the airline industry. Through this installation, I aim to challenge perceptions and behaviours towards digital possessions, promoting degradation as a countermeasure to digital overconsumption.