fragile walls

Vivianne von Arx

Keywords: Disconnection human nature, Waste, Embracing individuality and unity

Internship: Amadeu Design, Brasilia

Embracing individuality and unity, the designer composes the textile waste to a story that is hers but also yours.

Central to this project is specialising integration rather than segregation. The designer works with the daily output of waste from the textile industry. A range of materials varying in texture is chosen by Vivianne von Arx to combine and transform the waste through techniques of layering, collaging, wrapping and hand stitching. The delicate structured manner of texture, shape, colour and layers, ingredient after ingredient gets translated to big ropes. The ropes represent the grander version of the first element in knits, the yarn.  

The collection is derived from the research of the disconnection of human and nature. The waste, collected from companies and single household in the Netherland and Belgium, symbolises the distance to nature. In time of Anthropocene the age of man, never before had a single species as human beings such a powerful impact on the environment. The designer invites the viewer to think about their own abominable textile waste.

The collection consists of ten fragile walls coming together as a playful interactive installation. The idea of fragile walls is to negotiate and collaborate waste materials in sense of unity, to uplift its beauty and its inner life.