scott van kampen wieling

Internship: philipp modersohn,

“bardo” is a still life series in which scott van kampen wieling gives an awareness of the passing of time by holding and giving light to the overlooked fragments within his immediate surroundings. these materialised fragments suggest the impermanent state
of oneself through a connection to the natural environment. a particu- lar sense of time, in which nothing truly dies, but finds its way in the stillness of a balanced arrangement. through his installation, he gives special attention to the materials (paper, wood, glass) and their making process. van kampen wieling is in dialogue with all that goes through his hands. the transformative aspect of glass, which is molded into another presence. wood, which is shaped into soft formations and branches finding their stillness in the moment of existing. paper made from harvest, serving as a foundation for printed matter withwards analog techniques. a balancing act between being subordinate to the material, while feeling its needs, and aiming at a deceleration of the self.