The Meeting Point

Ronaldo Wold Figueiredo

Keywords: Community, Urbanism, Public space

Internship: Metric Design Studio
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As citizens of a big city we pass through the same spaces everyday separated by time and schedule. The Meeting Point is an object meant to establish a common area within our public space to develop communication and interaction.

The trend of modernism and the need for better and more efficient wayfinding has led our cities to become streamlined, polished and predictable. A change that is inevitable with denser and denser environments. One downside of this progression is the disconnection that can arise between citizens of the same city. “The Meeting Point” attempts to find a way of introducing these citizens to each other through a variable public installation. A public experiment intended to diminish the gap between citizens through a marker on a canvas, inviting people to receive and give.

After researching the dehumanisation of big cities, realisations that public space needs a tool for bringing together the people that surround it arises. “The Meeting Point” gives people the chance to express themselves and interact with each other without ever having to engage physically. Through this interaction and being able to edit public space the citizens of the Hague have the opportunity to express without having to confine to the rules and norms that comes with public space. “The Meeting Point'' acts as a canvas for the people that occupy our public space and aims to address the inherent challenges of human connection within the dynamic fabric of our urban landscapes.

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