Patrick Hutchinson

Keywords: Archiving, Electronic music

Internship: Studio Es
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STEIM is a laboratory for new experimental electronic music, an instrument development centre, a research space for bodily performance, an alternative study hub, a guesthouse, shut down as of 2020. Realising the difficulty to access any archival material of the works built at STEIM over its fifty-year history, Patrick aimed to help build (and rebuild) an otherwise scattered collection of the oddest electronic music instruments he had seen to date—collecting the inventions and visions of artists that go beyond the bounds of generally accessible software and out-of-the-box design.

A prototype website is set up for visitors to browse a curated selection of STEIM material. Interviews, image material, and research findings along the way are collected in an accompanying zine.

The STEIM Demo Website for the first time collectes the creations of the STEIM foundation in one page; Providing more information on the instruments and creators, relations and performances.
Page in the STEIM Catalogue; The evolution of "The Web".
Michel Waisvisz performing "The Hands" and "The Cracklesynth".
While Interviewing different artists of the STEIM foundation, a list of fundamentals emerged, capturing the ethos of the workspace. See here a list of the eight guiding principles.