Manifesto for a Small Life

Nompilo Sibisi

Keywords: Ceramics, Present, Attention economy,

This personal work reflects on and venerates the labour of living by making the mundane monumental. The arch form and carvings are reminiscent of ancient traditions of documenting daily life and point to a mythology of the present. I highlight the everyday tasks and repetitive gestures that index my world and are otherwise obligingly tucked into the crevices of our days. Instead of frustration in these tasks, I highlight the sanctity of their ritual. The careful carving of the ceramic sculpture mirrors the nature of repetitive action and provides testimony to time passing. The threshold of the archway echoes this transitory moment in my life, from the carved and known to the pristine and unwritten. Whilst this work is grounded in the personal, I see the political implications of appreciating and paying attention to the present and resisting the relentless pulls of capitalist accumulation and future planning.