Through the lens of NELLY DANSEN and the materiality of her physical form Nelke Cor Mast researched the beauties and the horrors of the life of a Bimbo. A lot of people have something to say about Bimbo’s lately, but have you ever tried one?

As the Natural Born Archivist, she collected a big pile of documentary footage of the Bimbo implemented in The Everyday™ . This is mixed in the film “Head over Heels”  with staged material with the means to create a confusion between the real and the exxagreated. Just like how makeup can do that, you know?

Redefining what film is, and film can be, was the Secret Double Agenda™  in this process. This took shape in switching from documentary footage, to scripted Big-Production-esque material to GTA visuals. Girl, not everything is possible to do IRL, so sometimes you have to source out to the digital world. Stepping into Hollywood (literally, that is where most of it is filmed) but stepping away from the typical Hollywood-type-of-film-making takes shape in a deconstructed chick flick that is a zeitgeist document of the 21st century new age queer Bimbo (who also happens to be a sexworker, break the stigma!)

A film with a plot that is pretty much plotless. Like, listen up: it is a ‘film’ about a big group of Bimbo’s who squatted the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. NELLY DANSEN, the protagonist of the film, is being called to fetch some lattes for her friends. And just like that, she flies off into the world. Then just A LOT of stuff happens… jeez can a girl just go and get a coffee without getting bothered???

It's a protest for Camp, a deconstruction of The Madonna vs The Whore complex and a celebration of making the mundane in the everyday exciting. The icing on the cake: this film is exhibited in THE directors office of KABK. Keeping the interior as it is, with hints of the Bimbo infiltrating, creates an office where the Bimbo broke into the academic realm. The place where she is least expected, is EXACTLY where she will take up space. BIMBO TAKE OVER!!!!!!