Maturing A Horn [whilst compiling information]

The influx of mass media and the way we consume such; in the end; coerces our decisions and make up who we are as individuals. As human entities, we will not surpass the internet. Our digital data will be the truths we leave behind.

Through digital environments and sonic storytelling, a dialogue is born. A space for questioning and hopes for grounded outputs. These outputs become the seed to conscious thought to grow on to decision-making, or even the slightest bit of awareness regarding our use of technology.

Introducing 'The Avatar Complex', a theory which has been developed over the course of writing and visual making. In short, to be defined as: the conflict which humans face in real-time from their digitised states of being. Online is where we meet each other with our vices and interests. Internet trolls as the demons which draw you into the dark cave of insecurity and alienation. An algorithmic gargoyle generated based on one’s digital footprint would hold data consumed characteristics. Gargoyles as your digital guide, reminding you of your breath and who you are as an individual. Gargoyle avatars serve as protectors to humans.

A gargoyle has taken shape, designed by your data and that alone. Data anthropomorphism, 'The Avatar Complex'. 

Work shown as a film (18.05mins), alongside UV acrylic prints and LEDfan.