An Alive but Silent Presence

María Rivero González

Keywords: Linguistics, Cultural endangerment, Collective memory

Internship: Gina Guasch Team (GGT)
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Since the continuous hegemonic nation building efforts during the Spanish Civil War allowed for a collective sense of oblivion—and a continuous perpetuation of violence within public spaces into the present moment—spaces of reflection, preservation, and resistance against cultural loss are needed. Therefore "An Alive but Silent Presence" delves into the effects of the Spanish Civil War on the Galician territory and aims to become a bridge between generations.

Consisting of three audio pieces and books that incorporate interviews, testimonies, Galician folklore, and phonetic elements, the work places the use of the Galician language at its core, highlighting the vulnerability of cultural heritage while serving as a platform for reflection, knowledge, and resistance against systems of power and oppression. 

Simultaneously, it touches upon notions of archaeology and Galician folklore, by visually exploring non-verbal forms of communication, such as petroglyphs. These elements serve as vessels for storytelling, allowing for alternative modes of expression and preserving cultural narratives between their gaps.