Leaking Mother Tongue

Milk drops dripping on a circle of spiral seeds, a body searching. With her arms folded, she holds her milk drops closer. Pressed against her pounding chest as she seeks for echoes of nourishing crawls.

“Leaking Mother Tongue” is a performance that reflects upon body resilience, self-agency and the impact of overpowering events where the body spoke but couldn’t speak. A sequence of moving images that emerged from overwhelming feelings to confinement, where words became unreachable and experiences intangible.

Through motions of instinct and ingredients of origin, Mar Fu Qi explores the hidden traces settled in her body. To pick up the seeds in order to move forward. In which she invites the audience to listen

What words does your body carry?

performance stills by Anastasia Troshkova

My body is a leaking vessel.

Leaking words I can’t describe. Certain experiences are ungraspable to put into wordly speech.

Yet the body tells


Friday, June 30th


Saturday, July 1st


Sunday, July 2nd

14:30 | 17:45

Monday, July 3rd


Tuesday, July 4th