Binnen Dansen

Louise Noordam

Keywords: Prints, Childhood, Health

Internship: Stine Goya,


Through this collection, I am letting my younger self come back to life with this new representation of my current self. Re-drawing my childhood flowers, re-colouring my childhood drawings and again playing dress up with my parents’ clothes.

‘BINNEN DANSEN’ comes from a happy childhood memory of dancing in the living room with sisters. My childhood ended when a battle with autoimmune eczema started over ten years ago. When creating this collection, I looked back at the happy moments when I was living in a carefree bubble, without stress and pressure from society. Hoping to gain her vulnerability, playfulness and freedom.

I proudly present you ‘BINNEN DANSEN’ (dancing indoors) for which I will forever be thankful. It has been an amazing therapeutical tool to rediscover my true self and heal from my autoimmune eczema as an unexpected result.

Binnen Dansen - Look 1
Binnen Dansen - Look 2
Binnen Dansen - Look3
Binnen Dansen - Look 4
Binnen Dansen - Look 5
Binnen Dansen - Look 6
Binnen Dansen - Look 7
Binnen Dansen - Look 9


Photography by Renkse Crutzen
Editing by Louise Noordam