‘Regained’ explores the destructive force of nature on human-made materials and its impermanence, through the power of mineral salts and the vulnerability of steel and concrete.

 Steel and concrete represent human-made materials that are used in the urban environment; they are what 'protects' humanity from the unpredictability and uncomfortable realities of the natural world. ‘Solid’ host materials have become the canvas upon which mineral salt unleashes its relentlessness, leaving behind a trail of mesmerizing decay, corrosion and intricate patterns and colors that emerge through this transformation process.

 The contrast between human-made objects and the traces of the mineral salt is highlighted through the use of geometrical and abstract shapes, to emphasize the natural growing process that is taking over. This work captures this transformative process through reflective surfaces, showcasing the initial allure of the objects' shine, patterns, and shapes. However, upon closer inspection, a darker undertone emerges—a portrayal of uncontrolled growth, a dystopian aspect.

 ‘Regained’ serves as a visual exploration of the fragile relationship between humanity and nature. To contemplate the ephemerality of our creations and the profound influence of time. It serves as a reminder of the transience of our constructed world, prompting us to reconsider our relationship with nature and our place within it.