What Remains

Julija Panova

Keywords: Artstudent, Impermanence, Education

The aestheticization of the transient and the enduring characterizes the art academy student experience. The sculptural fragments emulate ancient artifacts, contrasting the impermanence of contemporary student creations with the longevity of antiquities. The mural, originating from a simple sketchbook drawing, offers insight into the raw, awkward, and often overlooked realities of art school work. This project challenges us to reevaluate the value systems that shape our understanding and appraisal of cultural artifacts.

Reading matter
as a catalouge of sculpturalfragments and notes on aestetics of being an art student

3d mock-artefacts explore the distance between ancient ruins labelled valuable and preserved for future generations and art students' work. The relationship between the two is underpinned by difficulty embracing the impermanence of the creations made in this art school environment.