Time Passes Silently

In contemporary society, time management has become a fundamental aspect of our daily lives. We rely on clocks and other tools to organise our schedules, set deadlines, and measure our productivity. However, this obsession with clock-time has created a culture of constant urgency and stress, where efficiency often takes priority over quality. This accelerated pace of life is no longer seen as advantageous but rather as a constant source of pressure. This artificial environment has led to a disconnection from our bodies and natural rhythms.

In this installation, three plaster relief sculptures are placed in the garden in coordinated spots that correspond to the sun's rotation. The sculptures and their motifs are accentuated at 13:00, 15:00, and 17:00. By linking the placement of the tiles with the sun's rotation, and using sculpted reliefs as visual representations of specific time intervals, Jannie aims to encourage viewers to reflect on the importance of natural rhythms. This approach challenges the dominant culture of artificial clock-time and emphasizes the significance of being attuned to the environment with its temporal patterns. To give insight into her research process, there is a leaflet provided in front of the entrance of the garden.