A timepiece on erosion

A timepiece that revolves around the erosion of a stone.

This installation is a critique towards our current speed of harvesting precious resources on earth. The efficiency and speed we’ve acquired within only a few hundreds years is slowly but surely revealing its marks. All of our raw materials have had journeys from only a few days to centuries to develop, which is at stark contrast to our exploits.

That is why this timepiece acts as a metaphor for our own slow violence as well as referencing the slow regenerative cycle of sand, which also has been reduced to being a scarcity. Like natural sand that has been eroded million years ago from once solid granite. We need the earth to survive and “exploit”, but only within the appropriate time window(s).  - I suggest a slower one.

The timepiece is inspired by ancient time-measuring instruments like the hourglass and the water clock, but carries a time horizon that exceeds human expectations of a clock. Instead It tracks time via the weight of the stone, which slowly decreases over the years.

The timepiece has been activated on 21-06-2023, and weighed 20.5 kilo’s