Never Ending Journey to a Desire

The desire for the series is reaching the perfect point that I’m eager to achieve. Pursuing perfection is one of the biggest personal desires and it has been driving my work attitude. In this project, the will to make the work flawless is the starting point by being shown from the fascination with tiles that, as the main material, present the journey to Perfectionism.

Although it is initiated from the frame of Perfectionism, by continuously facing the imperfection within the process, flaws and failures in the production have gradually become a significant part of the work. This realization led me to rethink my obsession with perfection and how often I ignored imperfections as an inseparable element of Perfectionism. Like green-colored broken glaze pieces on tiles are treated as precious moments in this journey even if it was a disaster at first, the failure made me rather embrace it and informed the process of choosing new directions.

The installation work consists of individual tile object pieces that come together to form a throne. Inspired by the various scenes in fantasy adventure films, each object shows the background stage of a hero’s journey. Stairs represent the failure as the beginning. Candle holders and chair are the middle of the adventure scene, and two towers on both sides of the chair are the gateway to the next stage by choosing the one way at the crossroads of choice. The table is the moment to face the obstacles and overcome them. Finally, the top of the lamp is the destination of this long journey. When these objects are merged, it makes a unique landscape for the adventure. From the stairs made out of broken glaze tiles to the perfectly 3d printed pyramid, the whole sculpture piece is an adventure in itself toward our endless desire.