For years, I've been attracted to crowds. I would document them through riots and moshpits, immersing myself physically within these crowds, trying to translate the chaos to stills that would share a story. In this project, I take a step back and try to understand what draws me into these gatherings.

Throughout history, crowds have often been viewed as dangerous and in need of control and monitoring.

However, I aim to challenge this narrative and demonstrate the immense power that emerges when individuals come together in a spontaneous and unified manner. Rather than being a source of danger, I argue that crowds are incredibly powerful precisely because of their spontaneity: they have the ability to affect change and inspire a sense of community and connection that is difficult to replicate elsewhere. This project delves deep into crowd behavior during musical events and protests, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to capture and analyze the energy and dynamics at play. By studying the cathartic experiences that one undergoes while being part of these crowds, I aim to gain a greater understanding of the energy that emerges within these spontaneous communities.

Within the crowd, I feel connected and alive. This project is an attempt to visually translate the raw energy and amplified emotions that one undergoes when losing their identity in favor of the collective, be it out of anger or happiness.

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