Intuition Intermission: A workshop about artistic drive, relationships and migration

Einar Viðar Guðmundsson

Keywords: Collaboration, Connection, Artistic drive

Internship: Print & Friends
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Intuition Intermission is a collaborative workshop that nurtures creativity and artistic drive. Participants contribute to a collective process of creating zines by filling in spreads using different prompts and visual cues. These prompts and cues are based on extensive research into the 70s and 80s art scenes in the Netherlands and Iceland, which Einar’s late father was a part of. Through this exploration, Einar uncovers his father's extensive body of work from his time at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and the works of his contemporaries. The workshop emphasises the joy of creation and the possibilities in today's society. Participants visualise various aspects of stories, prompts, sketches, and more from the archives surrounding Einar’s father. Throughout the graduation show the table will be adorned with spreads which end up in different zines, that participants embellish using the provided tools. This work goes beyond just a creative process—seeking to create a welcoming atmosphere for discovery, connection, and playfulness.

Participants filling in the provided spreads
The table, tools and coffee
The table was also part of the collaboration
A collection of results from tryout workshops
A spread from the book
A spread from the book
A spread from the book
A drawing in process