Patrol at nite

Daniel’s graduation project consists of a series of paintings, which reflect upon his multi-cultural background, being Filipino and Danish. The paintings can be seen as a research of the spaces in between; being half this, being half that, being half there, being half here. They serve as a metaphor of being outside and inside. What can our personal histories and cultural identity teach us? How do we relate as locals, as foreigners, as tourists or even as expats? Where do we really belong? Even though, these ultimate questions are being asked, Daniel sees his paintings as “universal” and for everybody. 

Daniel sees his paintings as mediums for story-telling, where the story-telling is not only limited to the painting’s visual composition and figuration, but also telling stories through the physical process of painting. Through layering, erasing and re-working the images, Daniel tries to create a language which can be evoked through the formal aspects, such as colours, lines, forms, shapes, textures, and physicality. 

Journey at night, oil on canvas, 180x130cm
Bunny thieves, mixed paint on found wood, 108x96cm
Depiction of memories, oil paint and beeswax on found wood, 210x150cm
Joy of bong, oil paint on linen, 155x135cm
Dwellers of the forest, oil on burlap, 270x130cm
Installation shot