My present is more than I remember

Clara Sharell

Keywords: Nostalgia, Writing, Research

Internship: Thalia Hoffman

“My present is more than I remember” is a research project into inter-generational connections and the webs of relationships that shape our lives. Through my work, I aim to explore the links between photography, memory, and writing, and to dive into the correlations and coexistence of past, present, and future. These explorations move me towards a better understanding of the factors that have influenced the circumstances and locations in which my family has existed. I invite you to step into a different perception of time, wherein we are intricately connected across generations.

As a nostalgic chronicler of my family history, I dig through archives in a search to understand the ways I have inherited those memories. Memories fed but left undigested throughout generations become a part of me as much as I become a part of them. What role does memory play in the shaping of identity? How existential is the role of collective and familial memory in the shaping of Jewish and German-Jewish identity?

(What if)

My present is more than I remember?

our lives are interwoven?

i am more than loose pieces of string?

your memories are also mine to feel?

When I look at myself in the mirror,

I radiate with your joy,

your sorrows,

your love and pain,

your worries and

your life's hiccups.