Morphology: Grounding in the Singularity

The universe is a massive entity, within which every element is crucial for the functioning of its organism. Every existing matter has analogous molecular anatomy. Motion of energy is the binding component of atoms and enables the existence of mass, infinitely expanding time and space. The lack of such interaction equalises with nothingness, a blank canvas to be filled. 

‘Morphology’ is a threefold exploration driven by Aga Jurczak’s experience of surfing the oceans. The installation connects the philosophical notion of both the infinite scale of the universe and its connection through the smallest atoms by a scientific approach of analysing time and space. It captures the phenomenon of energetic flow through matter. The natural fluidity of that motion is translated through intertwining organic shapes and colours. These originate from the author’s meditative practices of reconnection to her body and its relationship with the surrounding elements. 

The installation invites us to experience Jurczak’s perception of the morphology of the universe while submerging in the depth of blueness. It is an ever-transforming organism that constantly expands in all four dimensions, just like the universe itself.