Yegyeong Cha

Keywords: Bodily communication, Gestures, Non-verbal

The Covid19 pandemic made it necessary to wear masks but it covered our facial expressions and made it difficult hearing the voice. As someone who doesn’t speak English or Dutch as a first language, this brought difficulties in communication with people.

How could we communicate when our language delivery is impaired?
How could the body gesture help communication be clear?

Body gestures are a big part of sending and receiving information, for breaking linguistic barriers. Empathy is required to successfully communicate through gestures—desire for understanding while being connected. The gestures might be culturally and personally different. When we embrace the differences as diversity and create gestures together, we can go beyond misunderstanding.

Conn-action provides a playful and communicable bodily experience. While we cooperate to play only using non-verbal skills, we not only empathise with each other but also co-learn and co-create our own gestures. By sharing the accomplishing moments, we can break the mental and verbal blockage and connect together.