Viivi Saikkonen

Keywords: Love, Video, Memories

Internship: Hertta Kiiski,,

Disclaimer  –   This work is about love, but it’s not a love story

Love is Hard, is an installation based work, which showcases contrast between different elements. With how they look, being colourful and soft on the outside, and how they actually hide something more serious and complex inside. The work examines my struggles with expressing feelings, showing love and receiving love from others. By connecting present day’s behaviours to how I have been raised. I wonder where this silence regarding talking about feelings comes from and how it has affected my life and peoples lives around me. This is shown through a video (around 9min) and an armchair with stuffed arms which the visitor can wrap around themselves while watching the video. The installation consists of other pink elements as well and five differently designed postcards with a hint on the backside for everyone to send it to their loved ones.