''From stone to dust, from dust thill water ''

Todor Rabadzhiyski

Keywords: Todorrab, Myths, Sculpture

Internship: West Den Haag
todorrabadiski24@gmail.com, instagram.com/todorrab

''Carving out words from mouth to mouth, myths, and legends are often used to translate primal morals. Just like river stones, the foundations of these stories constantly alternate through time. Specifically, water is a representation of time, and the stones are a representation of the material world (human flesh). The water (time) crashes from stone to stone (human to human, soul to soul). The bridge as a form of art crossing over the time constructed by the stones (humans) represents a fear of crossing the waters of time, of casting shade over the surface (momentum of time).''

todorrab's© work exhibit six elements installation in four different mediums

The three-stone sculptures: one on the surface, the other coming out of the water and the third under the water level are representing the past present and future.