Later I bring rocks down to give to the sea

Rosa van Walbeek

Keywords: Nature, Culture, Reconnecting

In the landscape of the print workshop you can find places of my past. Are they places of the future as well? A glacier up in the mountain, on fire, by the red color of the sun. Slowly going back and forth into the shade. A sea, changing from dark blue to light blue. Waves moving back and forth while an orange sun is hanging still in the sky. A chicken, trying to cross a human build road. Where does the habitat of this animal end? What and who belongs to 'nature'? A closet with a water floor hides a pipe. A circle underneath the water, again human made, who lives within? The circle encloses another screen, smaller. A human, looking at an even smaller screen, tries to cross the road exactly like in the way the chicken tried to cross the road. Who does the human turn to in case of question? Which intelligence is consulted?

I invite you to take a trip through these landscapes, to tune into their rhythms, their tempi. To experience their spacial tension while being forced into a flat surface.