Roberto Romano

Internship: Digital Village
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The human condition is destined to be transformed.

The self, as we experience today, will be radically altered by the dimension of the pixel and its continuous metamorphosis.

What could possibly signify for a body to transcend its shapes and forms? Would it become something more of a human? Or maybe less?

ABC12 is a 3D animated short film about the journey of the self into the different shapes and forms of simulation. The narrative evolves as a visual representation of the author’s poems, therefore it is enacted, choreographed, and imagined. It is some kind of interdimensional diary breaking the constraints of time and language towards the inner mystery of the synthetic self.

In place of being reduced to a mere collection of signifiers- an object of endlessly deconstructing binaries- the body, as a code, can be conceptualized as a perpetually shifting, open system of meaning. The body thus becomes an open-ended apparatus of simulation, wherein the 0:1 configuration of binary code does away with its oppositional dimensions excluding any trace of the subject. Its fluidity also implies the possibility of fulfillment of a passing, temporal consciousness that can only be expressed via the pixel.

The metamorphosis of the human body, with its fragility, its physicality, and its complexity, the notion of ‘becoming’ is the metaphysical element that animates my work; It implies the body as an amorphous entity that could evolve into anything else; an otherness’ that affects one’s nature through its future transformations, breaking away from the system of hierarchical modernism.

Or perhaps something less conscious?