Goddess of a Worthless Belief

Ola Rubik

Keywords: Vampirism, Trap, Religion

Internship: Gruppo Due Typefoundry
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To be raised in Poland is to be subjected to the scrutiny of the Polish Catholic Church, which is obsessed in controlling every aspect of its visual culture. For Ola Rubik, confronting signs, symbols and traditions is a ground for transformation and readjustment. The ritual of the First Communion was a central point of research, which comes with a literal and moral price of self-salvation.

By revisiting past experiences, Ola seeks new visual representations of the system she was raised in, and not reimbursement, but justice for her past choices and actions. In Goddess of a Worthless Belief, she creates a visual aid, inspired by strong, female characters who are the quintessence of power, sisterhood, and emancipation. What does ‘Amen’ mean? Is it like slay?