An Ode to the Floor Cleaning Industry

I've been working as a floor cleaner since the age of fifteen. In addition to it being hard labor, it is unseen labor - have you ever noticed someone polishing a floor before? ''An ode to the floor cleaning industry'' is a series of six paintings that visualize the beauty of hard labor, chemical products, machinery, and the beauty that floors behold. Besides the subject matter, my work aims to focus on formal qualities of painting. The communication between the different energies in one canvas, one being transparent, another opaque, another very sharp, and another out of focus, are ingredients to conduct the viewer’s eye and extend the viewing time.

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Instagram: @mennopasveer

Close up "Jontec Matt in actie"
Close up "Jontec Matt"
Close up "De waterzuiger"
Close up "De smeerstok"