Remember? This is them now.

Mariela Popova

Keywords: Digital, Culture, Craft,

The work explores the impact of the digital world and internet culture on Bulgarian folklore. Recognizing being a Digital Native as part of her cultural identity, the artist tries to visualize what artifacts of her time would look like.

In order to do it, she takes traditions and items she was surrounded by in Bulgaria and treats them with the behavior we have in the online space. The artist comments on how in current times traditional background is seen as an audition. Taking this feeling, she criticizes the commodification of everything in the online realm and translates parts of her Bulgarian culture into accessories. 

 Mass production and consumerism disconnect us from our surroundings, making us just owners. To break the cycle and connect to her pieces, all of the accessories are done by hand with a 3D printing pen. Combining the imperfection of handmade and machine-made, the artist creates her digital craft.