Iedereen is welkom op camping 't VRIJE VELD

Madelon ter Borg

Keywords: Frontstage backstage, Deviance, Freedom,

Be normal, that's crazy enough! That's how many people grew up in the Netherlands in the 70s and 80s. As human beings we need to belong somewhere. And to determine together what the norm is. But deviating from that norm is important to keep society moving. The 'deviant' can thus become part of the new norm and society evolves. However, today's society tolerates little 'deviation' and vulnerability.

Through our online lives we have become accustomed to presenting a one-dimensional image of ourselves, and what really touches us and makes us vulnerable is placed in the background, goes backstage.

Regularly I wonder why we do certain things. For example, as a child, I wondered why we make things difficult while camping, when daily live is so much easier at home.

When you ask campers, they say camping gives them a sense of freedom. They leave all the ballast at home. They go 'back to basics'. Yet camping in the Netherlands is subject to many (informal) rules. Do we feel free when we are 'among ourselves', within the agreed rules of conduct? And what does that mean for the freedom of others?

Don't we just take ourselves, with our history and problems, with us to the campsite?

Once home, we show happy pictures and holliday movies to others. Are vacations always that perfect?

On camping 't VRIJE VELD you will discover the different sides of the (lack of) freedom of camping. One person camps with passion while for another person, being away from home and 'on the move' is certainly not a free choice.

I explored this through family stories and conversations with avid campers.

Images by Helena Roig Prats