REWILDING, Process of becoming

Liselotte Oostra

Keywords: 3dprint, Nature, Regrowing

Internship: Marlou Breuls,


Process of Becoming

What would the world look like without humans?

My collection is a visualization of how the world would flourish again after destruction, and how destructive events can have a positive backlash.

Just as it happens in nature, destructive or abandoned parts are restored and overgrown by nature. This process fascinates me.

It is important that I explore how to show build-up from destruction, especially how that looks to me.

My inspiration for my collection started with my fascination for abandoned areas or places. These places have something mysterious to me, you can tell they have been used, but you don’t know exactly what happened, you also can see that they have been recovered and changed.

The collection consists of items with a military background, and therefore represent the remnants left behind after a battle that has been fought.

You can see in the fabrics I have made that they have lived or will live. They have been used and have come back to life. That along with my 3D prints that I designed with examples from nature, they are the vegetation that grows back.





Liselotte Oostra



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