Behind my eyes

There is a general feeling we can find when we watch the sunrise. A feeling we share where we take a moment to reflect on the beauty of the world we live in. A moment of awareness where the colors wash over us, like an atmosphere that we are a bigger part of. In my work I strive to hold on to this feeling of wonder by opening myself up to the unknown. Our senses make it possible for us to experience and express ourselves in the physical world with our hands as a tool, setting us apart from other animals. I aim to be aware of how my surroundings grow naturally so I can feel aligned with them. It is the dead materials that I want to give endless love to, by giving a part of my body and mind. My own female body plays an instrumental role in the process as I relate it to the cycle of birth. My body is often the starting point for my art in which pressure gets released during the process.

I learned in anthroposophical elementary school not to work from the basic shapes and colors towards a final work, but to learn to understand the process of how life is formed in the cosmic order. A process that still shines through my paintings, drawings and prints. The natural aesthetic of evolvement is the concept layered by quick drying acrylic paint. I choose a simple shape which I keep responding to as the basis for the growing in my work. Slowly colors and shapes keep building up by leaving parts open and closing parts off. Tension appears where complementary colors keep overlapping each other as a way of darkening out the canvas and leaving the light almost untouched. An atmosphere arises without any understanding of the size of the life depicted. There is a play between forms build up by repetition creating a movement as an opposite of the symmetrical forms portrayed in a more static way. The paintings show the traces it has followed while opening up this new archetypical life.

Acrylic 120 x 145 (2021)
Pencil 70 x 100 (2021)
Charcoal 50 x 65 (2021)
Acrylic 100 x 70 (2022)